Cougars Crave Kittens presents Sky Taylor

When a cougar is on the prowl it stalks its prey, never giving away it's intention before going in for the kill. Sky Taylor is no different, she has to ease her way into getting the trust of hot young kitten Jennifer so she can get her hands all over her. Sky examines Jennifer's perky firm tits, letting Jennifer compare them to her giant jugs. They start kissing and make their way into the house to show off their own flexibility. These two devour each others sweet centres, licking and sucking their twats and needing only fingers to bring each others to orgasm..
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Irresistibly drawn to the allure of a young co-ed's blossoming sexuality and nubile body, these wily cougars absolutely delight in the excitement of the chase. Behind every smile is a hungry tongue waiting to curl up into a virgin cunt and underneath every kind gesture is a wanton cougar forever on the prowl! Watch these cougars make these kittens scream

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